Lower School

A Look into Middle School

The Middle School years are defined by our commitment to developing the genuine engagement of our students in the learning process.  Using a creative approach to teaching, our faculty promotes the growth of critical thinking skills, the willingness to take risks, peer collaboration and a passion for inquiry. With an emphasis on a developing a perspective beyond the individual, we support each student in the development of her unique voice.

Below are just a few of the key moments she will experience as a Baldwin Middle School student:

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  • Experience Advising

    Each girl will be placed in a small group of her peers and assigned a faculty advisor who serves as her advocate throughout the school year. Advising time is an opportunity to foster new relationships and discuss issues relevant to Middle School life.
  • Enjoy Travel Opportunities

    Middle School grade 7 and 8 Spanish and French students have the opportunity to participate in language immersion trips.
  • Engage in Technology

    Middle School students formed a Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter and successfully competed at the regional, state and national conferences. Baldwin’s MS TSA chapter is currently the only active chapter representing an independent school in the Philadelphia area.