Head of School

Head of School, Lynne Macziewski

Welcome to The Baldwin School! I am honored as Head of School to have the opportunity to work with Baldwin’s remarkable faculty and staff to continue to provide the best in girls’ education for generations of girls to come. 
Baldwin’s foundation of academic excellence, focusing on how girls learn best and what girls need to thrive, is at the heart of our mission to educate young women who will become the leaders of future generations. We are strong believers in the power of the student voice in guiding their learning and educational experience, especially in young women. The Baldwin School offers myriad opportunities for each girl to explore her passions, develop her confidence and build her competencies for future success. A Baldwin girl has the opportunity to become anything she wants to be.
We are excited to welcome new students into our community. To invite in girls who will enjoy the innovative and experiential liberal arts education Baldwin offers in every grade, where we aim to maximize the potential in every student. Our imaginative DREAM Lab® will energize girls. Our extensive visual and performing arts offerings and award-winning athletics program will also help young women find their voice in a community that becomes their second home.
Along with an excellent educational experience, we strive to create an environment where each girl knows she belongs and is proud to be a member of the Baldwin community. In and out of the classroom, we want our girls to find inspiration and joy throughout their time at Baldwin and in all they do. We know that a foundational piece of this journey is the strong relationships built between students, teachers, coaches, directors and other community members. These relationships, and the nurturing environment we seek to create at Baldwin, are at the heart of our institution. The sense of community and connection is palpable and creates bonds that last a lifetime.
We look forward to welcoming you to campus so you can better understand why we are all so passionate about Baldwin and the excellent education it provides for our girls. During your time here, you will see innovative teaching practices, excellence in arts and athletics, and, most importantly, you will feel a sense of joy in all that we do. I have no doubt that it will make you – and your daughter – want to become a Baldwin Bear. The future of Baldwin is bright!
All my best,

Lynne Macziewski

About Lynne Macziewski

A more than 20-year teaching and educational leadership veteran, Ms. Macziewski began her career as a middle school science teacher and advisor at the highly regarded Blake School, a co-educational day school for Pre-K – Grade 12 in Minneapolis, MN. She progressed over the years into school administration both at Blake and at her most recent school, Girls Preparatory School, a Grade 6 – 12 all-girls school in Chattanooga, TN, where she most recently held the positions of Head of Middle School and Associate Head of School. During her time at Girls Preparatory School, Ms. Macziewski reimagined the Middle School program to reflect innovative educational experiences and its success was reflected in increased academic outcomes and enrollment.
Ms. Macziewski, a native of Minnesota, holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, and two separate master’s degrees from the University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota. She holds a certificate in school management and leadership from Harvard University. Passionate about girls' education and the foundational experiences that lead to the development of confidence and leadership skills in young women, Ms. Macziewski continues to be a leader in the field of girls education and in her support of female leaders. She is the co-host of the podcast “Confidently You: Women in Leadership” published by Enrollment Management Association. Additionally, as a life-long learner and educator, Ms. Macziewski continues to focus on the innovative world of educational practices and how to best prepare students for a successful future beyond their educational institutions. She spoke most recently on Equitable Grading in the Era of Transparency at the International Coalition of Girls Schools’ Conference.

She and her husband Nathan have two teenage children, Grace and Jack, and are thrilled to be joining the Baldwin and Bryn Mawr communities!